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    Build Mobile Sites to Boost Sales!

    - Customized mobile websites with one-time fee (no monthly payment)
    - Optimized mobile websites to be correctly indexed on all mobile browsers.
    - Amazing features to raise your company's brand on the Net.

    Mobile Website

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    Create Mobile Landing Pages to Drive Traffic!

    - Drive traffic to your social media pages.
    - Bring a viral marketing effect for your business.
    - Get new customers via high-converting media such as video exposure.

    Mobile Landing Pages

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    Mobile Apps for Your Business!

    - Explore your favourite apps.
    - Download what it matters for your business.
    - Make your business more efficient, innovative and fun!


Domain Search

domain name search

Get .mobi domain for your mobile website.
It is only US$8.59/year plus FREE features.
The cheapest .mobi domain compared with other domain providers!

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Mobile Simulator

mobile simulator

Use our mobile simulator and place your URL in the box provided to test if your regular website is displayed properly on iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and SmallDroid.

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QR Designs

colorful QR Code

Get stylish and beautiful QR Code for your mobile website and place it on your ads, business cards, promotional products, etc., so your customers can get details about your business quickly.

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Welcome to MobileSupporter.com

MobileSupporter.com creates mobile websites and other tools supporting mobile websites.

With thousands of mobile devices out there, designing mobile websites is not merely just shrinking regular websites but also making sure that your website looks good in all those mobile devices.

According to Proper Mobile Insights, 81% of smartphone users have done product research via a smartphone and 50% have made a purchase with one.   Click  here  to see the slide show of "50 Amazing Facts About Mobile Marketing".  So, if you don't have a mobile website, you are losing out on almost a third of your online potential customers.

Regular websites are not designed for mobile devices because they can be displayed too big, too small or bring about other disturbing navigation problems.   Using our simulator here,  please see and find out for yourself how your regular website is being displayed on various mobile devices.   We also encourage you to view it on a real smartphone.


Why choose MobileSupporter.com?

Customized Designs and Expandable

We listen to your concerns and strive to offer an extra mile to bring great results for your mobile projects. If you have a project in mind, please send what you need and a link of an example site  here.


One Time Fee
Get a customized mobile design based on the look and feel of your regular website. There is NO monthly or yearly fee or even any hidden fee whatsoever.   With only a one-time fee, your mobile design will be unique and not similar to the others or your competitors. read more

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Expandable Features
With MobileSupporter.com, you are not expected to have only "fixed" features as what other providers are offering but may also have more features than what we are offering in the standard features.   If you have a specific feature in mind that is not included in our standard features, please let us know.  read more

Why do you need a mobile site?

Regular websites is not aimed for mobile devices.

Mobile devices do not allow regular websites to load on their phones because the devices are never designed to load that much information.

Mobile devices are never designed to load Flash.

So, if your website has a flash, mobile device users cannot view your site. That means you are losing potential customers.

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